Friday 27 August 2010


Now let me ask you a question, you bein’ from England an’ all. Don’t feel like you have to answer, but, now how can I put this? I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout Scotland, or France or nothin’. England. En-g-land. You have Sha-ria Law in En-g-land?

No? No? You will have. [Ted's fingers run spider-like across the wall]. Creepin' ya see...

You know where Obama was born?

Hawaii? Ha! He were raised a muslim. At college, he said he weren’t born in the United States, now he says he was. He's a muslim. An' the constitution, says he gotta have a cab'net, but he ain’t got no cab’net. Just them Tsars. Tsars! Why? Why he got them Tsars? Creepin' ya see...

All them little towns across the Midwest. You know, they used to be minin’ an’ loggin’ towns, but there ain’t no mines there no more. Now them loggin’ companies, they’re all up in Can’da, and them little towns, there ain’t nothin’ there. Why? Why? All that land, and nothin’ on it. Who’s gonna end up ownin’ that land? Who? The gov’ment. The go-v-ment.

Land. Gov'ment. Sha-ria Law. Muslims. O-ba-ma. Creepin’, ya see. Cree-e-pin'...

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