Saturday 22 May 2010

Tooled Up

The scariest thing about being so ill the other night was not knowing what it was. The mind can't help but wonder in these situations. Typhoid, cholera, who knows. Since there's been no fever or anything accompanying it, last night's return was more of an inconvenience than a worry. But it was one hell of an inconvenience. Since I had the shits for two weeks after a trip to Egypt once, I reluctantly traipse down the pharmacy this morning to get antibiotics.

I am now armed to the teeth with everything I need to tackle the evil triumvirate of altitude sickness, back pain and chronic diarrhoea. And tackle them I will. Cuzco rocks and I'm not spending another minute indoors.

Clockwise from top left: Electrolyte sachets; Lactobacillus; Acetazolamide;
Ibuprofen; Ciproflaxacino; Loperamide; Diclofenaco/Paracetamol

Michael Jackson eat your heart out.

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