Wednesday 28 July 2010


Travelling on your own, you meet people all the time. People from all over the world. Sometimes you meet people who live in places that are on your route, and they say things like "Yeah, drop me an email and we'll catch up" or "You have to eat at [insert name] or do [blah blah]".

Whilst picking my way through some excellent tapas in Vancouver, I got chatting to two girls who were also propping up the bar. One of them, Carrie, did a round the world trip on her own a few years ago, and now lives in San Francisco. I emailed her on my way down the coast to catch up, and she replied:

Don't hetitate to ask if you need a place to crash for a night or two. My place has always been open to crazy foreigners as I have been one myself more than once.

And so here I am, enjoying some American hospitality in a beautiful apartment overlooking the bay. I am even spared the couch as her flatmate is away. On my first night here, as Carrie handed me the keys to her flat, it occurred to me that it was incredibly trusting of her. Whilst it's nice to know I don't have serial killer discreetly etched on my forehead, it's even nicer to know that there are people in the world who trust themselves enough to give the keys of their house to someone they don't really know.


  1. you never know, Joe. She may be the killer. Check her jewellery.
    Take Carrie down to 900 Lombard Street and play out the following scene:-
    It's a formal thank you note and a great big apology.
    Well you've nothing to apologise for.
    Oh yes I do. The whole thing must have been so embarrassing.
    Not at all, I enjoyed it,..... talking to you.
    Well, uh....I enjoyed talking to you.
    Don't you think it's a waste, to wander separately?
    Only one is a wanderer. Two together are always going somewhere.

    (rescuing her from San Francisco Bay perhaps going a little too far just now)

  2. Sounds more like you're the killer. Glad I'm not sleeping on your couch...

  3. Hi Kent,

    I agree, if she had seen that picture first I would have probably been staying in the Super 8! Won't be heading your way this time but thank you, and if you're ever wandering past England my couch is now yours too.